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October 21st, 2006

Where Can I Buy Acomplia, Well, the Nobel Prizes have all been announced, and once again Internet and Cellular Telephony’s Martin Sargent has been snubbed. When I heard I didn’t win one of the six prizes, Acomplia pills, I got so angry, I went out and did a little wilding. You know, key buy acomplia online, just kicking the spinal fluid out of anyone smaller, Key acheter acomplia en ligne, far older or much younger than me crazy enough to get in my way. A lot of dwarfs, elderly folk and children got pretty badly hurt, acomplia .65.

So…maybe I don’t deserve the Nobel Peace prize. I suppose if you cause tears, blood, and in the case of one scared old woman, feces, to sluice through the streets of Los Angeles, leaving a brown streak of chaos in your wake during an entire afternoon of felonious tantrumming, you probably oughtn’t to win the Nobel Peace Prize, Where Can I Buy Acomplia. Acomplia no perscription necessary, I accept that.

But did the dude who won deserve it either. No, weight loss acomplia. A Bangladeshi economist by name of Muhammad Yunus won it for starting microloans—small loans to the poor, Acomplia canadian pharmacies, no collateral needed, in amounts as little as fifty snails, or whatever the hell their currency is over in that mud pit, key achat acomplia.

Where Can I Buy Acomplia, Wait a minute. Hold the only phone in the village where you live, Acomplia receptors, Yunus, because come to think of it, I started microloans, acomplia buy. Yeah, Acomplia rimonabant pill, that’s right, Pajama Man, since like 1998 I’ve been giving five or ten dollars every now and again, key bestellen acomplia kaufen, when I was canned up on something and feeling generous, Acomplia grooups, to that thread-bare looking crackhead Simone who’s always coming around my house begging, promising if I give her $10 she’ll pay me back next week, with interest and other favors, key acheter acomplia en ligne.

Ain’t that a microloan. Diet drug acomplia, Guess I do deserve that piece of shit Peace Prize after all. But on the other hand, if Simone doesn’t pay up soon, I swear to Christ I’ll punch the last few remaining teeth out of her semen soaked mouth…so once again, disqualified, Where Can I Buy Acomplia.

Here’s what I don’t get about these microloans. Do these poor Bangladeshis ever pay them back, fda approval of acomplia.

I mean, Acomplia 2007, if you’re Jagmohan, some miserable rice farmer over in the swamps of Bangladesh, and you have the choice of paying the interest on your microloan or buying a nice tub of yak butter, buy generic acomplia online, what are you going do. Acomplia diet pills, I know what I’d do, get the yak butter, slather up my wife with it and make the ninth baby I can’t afford to raise, acomplia cheapest no prescription, and I think Jagmohan would too. Where Can I Buy Acomplia, Let’s be serious, when the life expectancy is about 31, you’ve got to go for it. Have anybody try acomplia, But, despite these obvious problems, the microloan phenomenon is on the rise and even taking root here in the United States, public citizen acomplia, with big banks, Acomplia zimulti blog, rich lenders, and even Gary Coleman on late night TV getting in on the action.

That’s cool I guess, acomplia groups, but I hope it doesn’t mean Simone won’t come by anymore…that hacking cough outside my window wakes me up like birds do country folk. Acomplia no presription needed, Hell, that’s worth ten bucks a month right there…just like Cinemax.

For Why Today Sucked, I’m Martin Sargent, and I’m out of minutes....I wonder if they sell Yak Butter at Trader Joe’s. Too bad they don’t give a Nobel Prize for creepy lubed up self-fondling while staring at a crack whore passed out in a mud puddle of her own urine outside your bedroom window, Where Can I Buy Acomplia. I’d be a shoe in…

If you enjoyed that little rant, I write and perform something similar every day that you can watch on your cell phone. That’s right, your cell phone. Head to GoTV to find out how. For an example of what the show looks like, click here. Thanks for your continued support.

–Internet & Cellular Telephony’s Martin Sargent .

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