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October 6th, 2006

Buying Adipex, Last night I was watching that Discovery Channel show, “Deadliest Catch,” about Alaskan crab fishermen. Wild stuff.

Those proud fisher people contend with 40-foot waves, order adipex without rx, freezing temperatures, Where to buy adipex, 700 pound crab pots, and unflattering orange rubber jumpsuits, making it the most dangerous job in America, sintomas pastilla adipex, with a nearly 100% injury rate. Adipex diet pill web site, I don’t know how they do it. I mean, I was recording a show yesterday and got my microphone clip tangled up in one of my two chest hairs and I shrieked like a crack baby, adipex cary nc.

Anyway, after the show I flipped up the dial to one of the 24-hour news channels, and they’re interviewing a former Congressional page, Matthew Loraditch, about this Mark Foley clown,

not to be confused with that Mick Foley clown,

about how the former Congressman was chatting sexy on the Internets with male Congressional pages, Buying Adipex. Not Loraditch himself, Discounted adipex without prescription, mind you.

In fact, nobody has, snorting adipex, or clearly ever will, Inexpensive adipex, talk dirty with Matt Loraditch.

But my point is, it occurred to me that being a Washington intern seems at least as dangerous as being one of them Alaskan crab fisher folk, prescription for adipex.

The crab dudes, Online prescription viagra phentermine meridia adipex, at least they get paid real well, that’s why they take the risk. Buying Adipex, The interns, they’re volunteers, they’re only doing it because they want to go into politics themselves—they want to become congressmen or senators or presidents so badly, that they’ll apparently go so far as talking dirty with a fruity Floridian nearly three times their age just to get a leg up. I think I’d rather have my scrotum pinched straight through to the testes by an Alaskan king crab claw than talk dirty with a member of Congress, adipex or phentermine no prescription necessary. Except maybe Illinois’s Judy Biggert. Buy adipex online no subscription, I’ll bet she loves it in the ass.

And this, obviously, canadian cheap adipex, is just the latest time Washington interns have found themselves in harm’s way. Chandra Levy is tragically dead, her killer still at large, and probably rolling in her grave knowing that she’ll always be remembered by this crappy senior class photo, Buying Adipex. No prescription phentermine adipex,

Monica Lewinsky is of course ruined. She may as well be living in Puritan New England with a big red ‘A’ sewn to her ample bosom, though I guess that big old semen stain on her blue dress serves the same purpose, order adipex online cod.

Mark Foley, Online appetite suppressent adipex, by the way, voted to impeach Clinton for getting pleasured by the fat-mouthed 22-year old, calling it “vile.” Apparently he was disgusted that the president would go for someone so old, adipex online evaluation, and with a vagina. Weight loss average on adipex, Now Foley, of course, blames alcohol and being molested by his priest for his actions, snort adipex. Buying Adipex, Well guess what, I guarantee you I drink WAY more than that elf, and when I was a kid, I was routinely beaten up by Ed Leatherstitch,

but you don’t see me walking up to kids at the public library and pulling their underwear up over their heads, now do you. And how DARE you, Cheapest generic adipex p online, Mr. Foley, drag sweet lady booze into this, generic adipex online. I take personal offense at that, 1 adipex overnight, sir.

There’s a lot of talk of figuring out a way to prevent this kind of thing from happening in the future. Well, I think I’ve got the solution: require all members of Congress to set this image as their computer’s desktop wallpaper:

Then, anytime they feel horny and turn on their computers to do some one-handed typing, they will go immediately flaccid, Buying Adipex.

Not bad, buy adipex inexpensive with a mastercard, eh. On line pharmacy adipex, Maybe I should go into politics. I bet I’d get a lot of tail. Just as I bet you Dennis Hastert eats an ass load of Alaskan king crab, best buy cheap adipex paypal. I’ll bet that fat bastard masturbates with drawn butter to Red Lobster menus…

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--Internet & Cellular Telephony's Martin Sargent.

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