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August 18th, 2005

Soma For Sale, Today is my birthday, and the gift I have unwrapped is an overwhelming sense of my own mortality. And a new clock radio from my parents. Soma in omaha, Thanks guys. I’m going to head back out into the badlands to do some wandering, some self-discovery, soma prescribing information, maybe blow up some cacti with M-80s. Soma bras, Not sure when I'll be back. Might depend on what Eminem decides to do, Soma For Sale.

In the meantime, here’s the transcript of an interview I did a while back with a small penny press in Arizona, pilltown soma. They never had the good journalistic sense to publish it. Soma emotional release, Fucking hacks.


Interview with Martin Sargent in the "LaHerda Times" in Flagstaff, Arizona June 3, soma peries rule 34, 2005

Byline: Jim Falder, Info soma, Entertainment Correspondent

JF: So, Martin Sargent, what have you been doing with yourself since your show Unscrewed was so unceremoniously cancelled last November, soma lingere. Soma For Sale, MS: I dunno man, this and that.

JF: Can you elaborate. Soma kitchen cabinet makers, MS: Well, after I got back from Michael Caine’s 1000 acre tea plantation in Ceylon, I had a little trouble adjusting, soma overnight cheap. I kinda dropped out there for a while, Yelp soma restaurants san francisco, I drifted down to through Nevada for a while, just went where the road took me.

JF: Have you done any work since the show ended, william soma.

MS: Sure man, odd jobs here and there, Soma For Sale. I worked for a while at a pawn shop outside of Sparks. Order soma b carisoprodol b, Kept getting robbed though. I did a little time at an AM/PM somewhere in Arizona... I can't even remember the name of that town, soma overnight delivery. Soma For Sale, JF: I meant TV work. You want me to believe you've been drifting around the southwest doing odd jobs. Order soma mail order, I don't buy it.

MS: Believe what you want man. I don't need you to believe a word I say man, soma institute chicago. I've learned some things lately, like, when was the last time you saw the sun set purple and warm over the high chaparral while sitting in a drainage culvert in the desert with two illegal Mexican immigrants, all drinking brandy out of a glass mason jar, Soma For Sale. I'm betting it's been a while. Soma pizza, But I'm gonna tell you, it's fucking beautiful out there man, in the desert, somas drug. The freedom. Online purchase soma, You start to notice every last little detail. Soma For Sale, The way the sun prisms through a shard of broken glass... the grains of sand. The raptor birds.., soma ww 176. the way they ride the thermals, Soma houston sushi, the shiny blackness of a carrion beetle.

JF: I'm not sure I follow. You are talking.., Soma For Sale.

MS: I met a guy out there, soma detection time, in the desert. Carisoprodol link soma pochta ru, People called him Jeff. He taught me the art of taxidermy. I learned how to stuff birds, soma vision centers cincinnati oh. Soma For Sale, We used shoot ravens with an old .22 and stuff them and sell them at a roadside stand that Jeff would set up by the highway. I swear to Christ that one day while Jeff was off peeing, Stores that sell soma products, onna those ravens that I'd stuffed, it came to life man. Yeah, it lit into the sky and flew off without a sound. It never looked back. Just flew away until it was a speck and then... gone, Soma For Sale. I never told anyone about that before.

JF: What are your plans for the future.

MS: I'm going back to LA. I'm going to start a new show. I'm gonna get rich.


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