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October 2nd, 2006

I’ve been holding off on reporting on the Revision3 Where Can I Buy Adipex, re-launch party because I couldn’t find the 5-Pin Mini-B USB 2.0 cable I needed to download photos of the event from my Canon PowerShot SD-450 Digital Elph to my Gateway MX3560 laptop running Windows XP Home Edition. I’m sure it’s in the estate somewhere, so I didn’t want to buy a new one. My butler, cheap adipex without prescription, Remy, must have put it away where I can't find it, Adipex p online, and right now he’s in France tending to his sick mother or some such bullshit. If it weren’t for his sublime bouillabaisse, I’d fire him.

Oh, <b>cheapest adipex no prescript</b>, Remy!
Oh, Remy!

But after almost I week I figured enough is enough and headed down to Staples to make the purchase. And I was shocked—no, more like offended—to find that Staples charges $20 for one of those shitty little cables, Where Can I Buy Adipex. Adipex stories, And I didn't even know if it would work, because the one Remy lost was white and this one is a dark grey. I thought about using it as a garrote to strangle the cashier’s neck, but it wasn’t her fault, buy adipex cheap with no prescription, plus she had a neck like an elephant's upper thigh, so I decided to steal a paper shredder instead. Can you snort adipex, Not that I need a paper shredder, all of my sins are digital, but it was the principle of the thing. I guess I could use it to shred Remy’s green card when he gets back from France, online prescriptions for adipex, just to fuck with him a little. Where Can I Buy Adipex, Anyway, to the Party.

Revision3 Party
Infected by Martin Sargent's Martin Sargent

Oh boy, Adipex diapex, what an evening—just super. Held at a posh club called Mighty in San Francisco, it went off without a hitch. That Prager sure can pull together a bash, fastin adipex. He must be watching Lifetime or subscribe to Good Housekeeping. We laughed, we danced, but mostly we got knee-walking drunk, Where Can I Buy Adipex. Well, Adipex retard 37.5, some of us more than others.

Gator Pre-Party
Gator in his party suit.

Gator, shown in this photo before the party, was last spotted with the residue of lord knows how many Pink Turkey Squirrels crackling on his upper lip (that’s a cocktail of Pepto-Bismol and 101 proof Wild Turkey), adipex 37.5 mg tabs, climbing a tree and jumping onto a freeway overpass.

Many others, Adipex clinics, a bit softer in the liver, just sort of stumbled off into the night when they knew they’d had too much and found a dark little crevice to crawl up in, like a cat about to give birth. And believe me, the true adipex pill, that’s not an easy thing to do in that part of San Francisco, all the best dark crevices being inhabited by homeless people. Where Can I Buy Adipex, Seeing so many old TechTV pals was joyous. Adipex beer interaction, The whole Revision3 crew, Kevin Rose, Alex Albrecht, Dan Huard, adipex online no rx, Hahn Choi, Andrew Hawn, Order adipex 32, Jessica Corbin, Gator and Joey were all there, as were old chums like Patrick Norton, Jim Louderback, adipex retard 100 kaps, Becky Worley, Paul Block, Generic name for adipex, Greg Brannan, and many behind the scenes producers, cameramen and technicians.

Jay Adelson
Here's Revision3 CEO Jay Adelson trying to look cool and important, adipex power. Fail, and fail...

And the fan turnout was immense—hundreds of great people stopped by to catch the first glimpse of the new slate of Revision3 shows, Adipex providers in austin texas, which are looking great. Remember Mysteries of Science Explained from Unscrewed. It's now a Revision3 show, Where Can I Buy Adipex. After a long wait, a new episode of thebroken—yes Ramzi’s in it—has been released, order adipex no. Wil Wheaton—yeah, the guy from Star Trek and Stand by Me but more recently the best-seller lists—and Jessica Corbin will join Hahn Choi as the news hosts of the gadget show InDigital. Consumer information on adipex, And then, there’s my new show, entitled Martin Sargent: Web Drifter. The premise is simple: I’ve done little else but surf the Internet since the Clinton Administration, adipex cheapest price no prescription. Where Can I Buy Adipex, Then, one grievous day, I finished it. Not knowing how I would go on, my life torn asunder, Adipex amphetamines, clawing for a reason to keep living, I decided to re-trace my steps, but this time, I wouldn't do it online--this time, adipex $149 90, it would be for real. On the show, I visit the physical loci of the most outrageous, surprising, intriguing and important websites I've bookmarked during my years of furious Internet surfing, actually going 'behind the websites' to get to know, and learn from, the time travelers, shamans, UFO cult leaders and other geniuses who created them. Sounds neat, huh.

The first episode, The Immortal Beauty of Alex Chiu, explores the world of a man who claims to have invented rings that give the wearer eternal life. Alex Chiu even made it to the party, looking younger than ever.

alex chiu, martin sargent, gator
Internet's Martin Sargent, Alex Chiu, and Gator

Anyway, I’ll leave you with some more pictures of how I passed the night at the party.


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