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September 13th, 2006

Cheap Adipex Online, Today, while cutting through the parking lot of a Ralph’s Supermarket in Sherman Oaks to catch the light on the other side, I saw something big going on. Adipex p diet pills, About fifteen to twenty guys with expensive cameras, all equipped with telephoto lenses, buy adipex phentermine overnight. Adipex alturnatives, They were not only mobbed around the entrance to the store, causing the automatic door to open and close like crazy, adipex beer interacton, Is tenuate generic adipex, but also standing on the train of grocery carts that were pushed up against the window, their lenses pressed right up on it, dental health plan adipex diet pill. Adipex mastercard no prescription, The paparazzi were here.

I lowered the window of my Eldo and shouted, diet adipex online, Generic pharmacy adipex, “I’m right here, television’s Martin Sargent, adipex without rx, Ordering adipex, snap away!”


“Wow,” I thought, “Whoever’s in that Ralph’s Supermarket must be a real big star for these guys to not jump at the chance to take my photo, I’m going to get to the bottom of this!”

So after I drove around the parking lot for a while looking for a spot close enough to befit someone of my social standing, I pushed my way through the paparazzi throng into the store, Cheap Adipex Online. I walked the length of Ralph’s, buy adipex or fastin no prescription, Buy adipex with out rx, searching for my fellow celebrity, scanning each aisle much like you do when trying to figure out where the Funyons are, genaric adipex. Adipex advanced guestbook 2.4.2, And then, in front of the Pepperidge Farms cookie display, adipex 37.5 cheap without presription, Adipex buy online url, I saw her. Jessica Simpson, diet pill adipex. Inexpesive adipex, Her ass was a little bigger than I imagined, but she still looked good, cheapest price on adipex, Adipex official website, and I started to feel pity towards her. Cheap Adipex Online, See, being a celebrity myself, I know what it’s like to not have any privacy, to be chased about like a fox in the hunt, to be exploited merely because you’re gorgeous, talented, and better than everyone else.

So I walked up to her and said, adipex 37.5 no prescription, Order adipex no prescripyion, “Jessica, it’s me, buy adipex no prescripton no membership, Order adipex online cheap, Martin Sargent, from the TV. I know what you’re going through, and I’m going to get you out of here.” Just then, I felt a crushing blow from behind as her bodyguard tackled me into the Oreos. He took Jessica by the hand and led her away as I just lay there with black crumbs on my face, dazed. He must have only been able to see me from the back and didn’t realize who I was, probably figuring I was just some weirdo. Understandable, Cheap Adipex Online. Lawsuit prevented. Plus, Jessica’s been through so much already this year, with Nick and now John Mayer. And it’s kind of gauche for one celebrity to sue another.

When I finally collected my wits and stumbled out to my Eldo, I saw SUVs full of paparazzi tearing off after Jessica’s car, down Ventura Boulevard. I thought about going after them to run interference so Jessica could get away, but like I said, her ass was a little bigger than I imagined, so I just headed off to the Tattle Tale Room for a whiskey, to be alone with my US Weekly and my thoughts.

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