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July 6th, 2006

Ambien For Sale, It started with Jason Lee's simple, two-tone design.

infected martin sargent logo

You were inspired, Coming off ambien, and the digital Crayolas came out. Even the Perriwinkle. Yes, launch of ambien cr, some of you got bored and started eating paste. Shelf life for ambien cr, But most made your muse proud. Damn proud.., Ambien For Sale.

animated martin sargent

Jason Lee continued to impress, tacking a second masterwork onto Martin Sargent's Riesling-filled refrigerator, ambien haze.

infected martin sargent logo

If only we had gasmasks like that when Joey still lived in Los Angeles. Ambien expiration, His danglers may have been tiny, like dark, shiny BBs, ambien pharmaceutical company, but they radiated shit-stank like a galaxy of brown suns. Zolpidem ambien generic, Oh, Joey. Ambien For Sale, Our sad, downy-plumed revolutionary. May you find the social justice you seek in San Jose, ambien to reduce anxiety. And thank you, Ambien 110, Chris Nation, for the design. You dumb Pinko fuck, ambien cr patient assistance form.

joey che infected martin sargent

I'm perhaps most excited about starting a line of Rickey Kang products. Eyewear, satin jackets, training tapes, kendo sticks, basically a whole lifestyle, Ambien For Sale. Pregnant pupp ambien, We'll start with a t-shirt. On the front" "Quazi-toto." On the back: "Never Stop Fight!"

rickey kang martin sargent

Here's more Kang, from Matthew Porter, ambien cr half life. Truthfully, Ambien generic online, you could fill a whole museum with Kang inspired shit. It'd be like an Asian Art museum, but without vases and faggoty little statues and pansy shit like that, ambien 20 mg for sleep study, just lots of fire, Buy ambien without prescription overnight, blood, and fear.

rickey kang martin sargent Ambien For Sale, I like this next one, from Richard Rowledge, a lot. Except for the glasses I'm wearing, getting prescriptions before 30 days ambien. They make me look feminine, When was ambien created, and that's not fair to Joey. That's his thing, and I don't want to step on his tail, pictures of ambien tablets, dig. Ambien liver jaundice, infected martin sargent logo

This one is also from Richard. I'll bet this is Gator's favorite, Ambien For Sale. In fact, I'll bet Gator's staring at this picture right now, bitter taste ambien, making strange gutteral noises but thinking he's being quiet, Cheap ambien generic, and he's in danger of waking up whoever's house he busted into to get on the computer. Run Gator. But pull your pants up from around your ankles first, 30 ambien, you'll skin a knee or lose your glasses again. Ambien rem sleep, Gator's blind as a shit bat. Ambien For Sale, It sucks when he loses his glasses and you have to go pick him up in some weird place, like in a garden nursery in Van Nuys at 3am and he's with this young, scared looking girl who doesn't speak a damn bit of English. That was the last time, anyway, ambien directions.

infected martin sargent

This next one is based on a classic album cover. Ambien 12.5 cr pic, Can you name which one. Right. Reflex by Duran Duran, Ambien For Sale. Matt Fields, the dude who designed it, thinks that's Johnny O'Bannion at the head of the cross because there's a guy named Johnny O on my MySpace Top 8 named Johnny O. But that's not Johnny O'Bannion, that's my friend Johnny Buss, from the family that owns the LA Lakers. There are, however, many similarities between the two Johnny Os, though I must point out each is unique. A brilliant, shining example of what an American should be. Ambien For Sale, Though I don't think the two Johnnies have ever met, I'll bet they've crossed paths at an orgy at least once in each of the past three decades.

infected logo martin sargent

Well, that's all for now. Have your own Infected logo design or t-shirt idea. Send it in! If you've already sent one and it's not here, I'll include it in an upcoming entry. I have to go. Magnum P.I, Ambien For Sale. is starting. It's the one where Higgins gets irked at Magnum's antics. A classic....

Remember: Don't get ripped, by the RIPTIDE.


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