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May 25th, 2006

Valium Over The Counter, Okay, sorry I’ve been delinquent in posting anything on SargeWorld in a while. I’ve been on a secret mission involving Space. More to come about that in future postings.

Hopefully you’ve all had a chance to listen to Infected Episode 10. Lorazepam valium, And, hopefully you’ve watched the .mov Peep Show version of the first five minutes or so, which shows Rickey Kang’s epic battle with God. If you haven’t, you’re a real rectal thermometer, Valium Over The Counter. There hasn’t been a fight that exciting, that brutal, valium withdrawel, since King Kong Bundy vs. Hulk Hogan in a steel cage match at Wrestle Mania II.

Where is King Kong Bundy these days, Stress anxiety valium, anyway. I’d like to know. Valium Over The Counter, He was a great American. Not too many guys can pull off a two-strap ballkini like Bundy could.

king kong bundy

I’m writing this on a jet airplane flying back from Moscow so I can’t use Internet to research the answer to the vitally important question of his whereabouts. You’d think these Soviet government jet airplanes would have Internet, ingredients of valium, but the Soviets are kind of backwards. They don’t give you peanuts, either. But the captain let me wear his cap for a while, which was cool, Valium Over The Counter. Drug information valium, Anyway, I’ve been so busy with my mission I never posted the pictures all you unbelievably untalented artists drew of that little bird turd Joey being very badly hurt (the ones that we discussed on Episode 10). Well, here they are, plus all your other submissions, valium video. Thanks for making my website look like an ad for an art camp for retarded children.

Think I'm being harsh. Look at this and think again:

Infected Martin Sargent Valium Over The Counter, I know, it's not Joey being very badly hurt, but it hurts me very badly to know that you people put so little effort into these drawings. My ass has made better drawings on toilet paper. Buy generic valium online, OK, back to the torture of Joey:

Joey Rabier Kennedy

This was actually the one we liked best. I call it J.R.K., or Joey Rabier Kennedy. It shows Joey getting shot in the head near a grassy knoll, muscle relaxant valium. It's crudely drawn, but compared to any of the others, it's sophisticated in concept, Valium Over The Counter. This kid must have at least made it past 5th grade history to know about this. Clearly, he'd never give up 3 hours of Halo 2 to watch the Oliver Stone film. Levaquin valium, Congratulations. Your picture was the least shitty of them all.

Wish I could say the same of this one:

Joey Rabier Hurt Valium Over The Counter, Actually, the concept is strong: Joey as ineffective scarecrow. Other than that. Horrible.

So is this:

Joey Rabier vs, <b>valium usually tested for</b>. Gator

Looks like somebody downloaded some free PhotoShoppe knockoff software coded in a backwards, third world jungle country with a 99% illiteracy rate. The artist got one thing right: Gator would kick Joey's tail in a fight (but Joey might retaliate days later with homemade explosives), Valium Over The Counter.

Speaking of explosives, Concerta valium, here's Joey about to die from getting hit by a nuclear missile.

Joey Rabier

Good thing somebody took the time to build a sign telling others a nuclear war was "in occurence." By the way, Joey does not wear short sleeve shirts. He doesn't want people to see the feathered quills growing from his armpits.

This is Joey in a horrifying H.R, valium 201 injected intravenously. Valium Over The Counter, Giger painting, or with his babyhood playmates. I don't know which.

Joey Rabier Geiger

And here Joey's inserted into other disturbing art.

Joey Rabier he-man

Joey used to wear thongs like the one He-Man has on. Valium contraceptive, I don't miss those days.

I'll bet Joey masturbates to Teela, Valium Over The Counter. That's what you do when comic books are your main sexual outlet. Here, we see Joey's female troubles depicted in shockingly poor art.

Joey Rabier girl

If you recall, real valium, the assignment was to show Joey being very badly hurt using whatever horrendous means you could think of : lasers, acid, explosives, Cheap valium fast delivery, wolves, etc. Two of you, quite appropriately, chose Dick Cheney as the murder weapon, valium testimonials. Valium Over The Counter, It makes sense: Joey is a bird and Cheney hunts birds. And, Cheney is an evil, bloodthirsty ogre. Laws driving valium oregon, Joey Rabier dick cheney

That one's actually pretty good, but this one is better:

Joey Rabier

I'm fairly certain that's what John of Patmos was talking about when he wrote The Book of Revelation.

Others seem to also equate Joey with Biblical lore, or maybe Madonna drew this while planning her latest concert.

joey rabier

And Joey's associations with the church don't stop there, valium roche pictures. If you're starting to get offended, the worst is yet to come, Valium Over The Counter. You should probably leave now (though this is the last of the moronic, blasphemous drivel).

joey rabier

Okay, Dj valium symphony mp3, after that, how about a nice, clean picture of Joey as a bird, getting pierced with a sword. Ahhh, buy valium with overnight delivery, that's better.

Joey Rabier

I've done a fair amount of hallucinogens, and I've also lectured on several topics in art history in both Florence and Paris, Buy valium omnline, yet I still can't figure this next one out. Valium Over The Counter, Maybe that because there's nothing to figure out. The prevailing theory is the guy just happened to have a lousy drawing of a bear playing guitar and a skull getting smacked by soundwaves and added a flying beak, just so he could say it was Joey. Does your ass smell too, because you're too lazy to wipe it, generic valium names.

joey rabier

Okay, I've had it with this and I'm sure you have too. If you haven't, Street price of valium, you're royally fucked in that misshapen water-head of yours. Anyway, three of you sent in pictures of Joey being sodomized by various people and things, Valium Over The Counter. I lost one of those, but it wasn't very good anyway. I think it was a corn silo or something up Joey's bird ass. Here are the remaining two, get off of valium. Both pathetic.

joey rabier Valium Over The Counter, Nice job everyone. Way to go the extra mile. These are all hanging on my refrigerator, Generic name for valium, and I might have a little art open house for the local nitwits and invalids.

Remember, the assignment from the last podcast was to draw Gator hitting something in his truck. Can't wait to see what you come up with. Send your submissions to Also, send in photos of yourself wearing your Infected t-shirt, Valium Over The Counter. The response has been overwhelming, but I'll hold off on posting the Infected family album until I receive at least ten.

Thanks for reading, thanks for listening, and thanks for drawing. I lost all your names, so please claim your drawing on the messageboard.

Now go take on the day.

dr. laura


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