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May 9th, 2006

Purchase Valium, You ever been stuck in an airport, and the wildly inefficient airline keeps delaying and delaying your flight, and you keep getting more and more pissed off, because the airline won’t tell you any information about why your flight is late, and whenever the airline actually bothers to get on the loudspeaker and tell you something, you're convinced that what they are telling you is utter bullshit.

That’s how I feel waiting for Joey to finish editing our latest edition of Infected.

And you know how when you’re stuck in that airport, Dangers of valium, going bat-shit nuts with anger and frustration (especially if the bar is closed), you try to pass the time as best as possible with little distractions, because if you don’t take your mind off your predicament you might snap and hijack one of those eight-seater golf carts they use to get old people to their gates and drive it right through the plate glass window of that Chili’s Restaurant they have in there that dares to charge nine seventy fucking five for a margarita, four dollars more for an extra shot of tequila, valium biochemisrty, but gets away with it because they have a localized monopoly on your liver.

Well, Valium animation, to keep from stealing that golf cart and possibly using it to maim a fat Midwestern family in Terminal C, you and I are going to try to pass the time until that piece of shit airline learns how to take a little pride in its work and gets us to where we want to go, namely to SargeWorld International, where Gator’s been circling around waiting to pick us up for a week, valium ir, the as yet unreleased Infected Episode 10 blaring on his radio.

But what shall we do to pass the time. Oh, I have a capital idea, Purchase Valium. 24 hour valium del, Remember way back on Episode 9, we asked you to draw pictures of Joey getting very badly hurt and send them in. Well I don’t know about y’all, but for me this feels like the ideal time to post all those pictures of that little shit bird getting cut, indian valium, lasered, decapitated, Valium infants, shot, sodomized, and all manner of other unpleasantness.

So let’s do it, valium real 10 milligram, but let me just say at the outset, though I’m powerful proud of the Infected Army, Buy valium on line, most of you can’t draw. In fact, based on these drawings I get the impression that most members of the Infected Army are either in the 4th grade of retarded. And don't accuse me of ripping off that classic Maddox bit Purchase Valium, . He was making fun of children's drawings, order valium no prescription. These are the drawings of grown men and women. Let’s take a look. Buy generic valium no membership, ****************************************

This first picture is from Lennie B. Yes, it's one of the best ones we received, but if your four year old did it you'd definitely take him to a specialist to find out if he's been eating lead, Purchase Valium.

Joey Rabier

In Lennie's drawing, I am killing Joey with a "lazer." Lennie can't spell or draw. If you notice, valium for tramadol wean, it's not really me but a polar bear version of me. A polar bear with a laser cannon fused to its head. Bringing valium back from india, Joey is a narwhale. Purchase Valium, Joey appears to enjoy my killing him with the laser, but not as much as I'd enjoy it in real life. I will never take acid with Joey because I'm sure this is what I'd see, and I'd sob.


This next one is from Ryan, overseas valium no prescription. In his drawing Joey looks like an owl. A owl transsexual, Valium diazepam org, like the old ones that whore on Polk Street in San Francisco. Not owls, old transsexuals, Purchase Valium. Though there is a bar in San Francisco owned by an ancient queen named Bobby called The Owl Tree. It's a great bar, with free snacks, valium online. Gardetto's Snack-Em's. Bobby is a bitchy, 30mg of valium, nasty drunk and kicks people out for no good reason. Purchase Valium, Like this: "Get the fuck out of here, now. I said now!" If I were Bobby, I'd kick out Joey in a fucking heartbeat, though Joey might offer to rim him for a free appletini, insulin t adalat valium magnesium.

Joey Rabier

Ryan, the guy who drew that owl picture lives in Media, Dj valium bring the beat back, NY. Medina is a village on the Erie Canal sort of like the one I grew up in, Spencerport, though much of Spencerport has burned down over the years, purple football shaped valium. I used to do a fair amount of bad stuff hanging out with my friends on the banks of the Erie Canal. By the looks of that owl, so does Ryan, Purchase Valium. Oh, Valium before dentist, and maybe the DDT Ryan shows being sprayed on Joey's hair is what makes it so luxurious.


George's drawing is more complex than it first appears.

Joey Rabier

Elements include grass, George kicking the shit out of Joey, prince valium underground, Joey, and most importantly, Valium liver damage, Joey's blood. George will probably shoot a few people at his high school one day. Purchase Valium, George, don't do it. You're far too talented an artist to throw it all away.


I like this next one but only because I'm in it, valium for dizziness, wearing my Friendly Bear suit. Notice how I don't care that Joey is tied to a post behind me, Valium buy on-line from us, with a sword in him.

Joey Rabier

Oh, and you can tell that that's Joey's head PhotoShopped onto someone else's body because Joey would never wear khaki pants and a flannel. Subversive hackers like Joey only wear black trenchcoats and boots, Purchase Valium. It's how they score chicks.


The next one, from Michael, makes me sad. First of all it's a really shitty drawing, and second of all I'm fairly convinced Michael wasn't even trying to draw Joey. Where are the glasses. Purchase Valium, Why is his hair straight. Why isn't his blood green like a bug's should be.

Joey Rabier

I think Michael was just drawing a picture of his teacher or the school bully getting very badly hurt and sent it in, trying to pass it off as Joey getting very badly hurt. I'll bet Michael didn't have time to draw Joey because he spends about 14 hours a day playing Halo 2. Joey deserves better, Michael. I'm going to set you and him up on a playdate, Purchase Valium.


There are fifteen more drawings of Joey getting very badly hurt, so don't feel bad of you don't see yours. I'll post more over the next couple of days, including those of Joey getting ass-raped. And to those of you who sent in photos of yourself wearing an Infected t-shirt, I'm making the Infected family album and will post it soon.

Thanks for all of your support, and I apologize for the now 1 full week delay of our latest episode. But what can I say, a filthy little bird flew smack into the cockpit windshield and fucked everything up.

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