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March 22nd, 2006

Buying Valium, Sometimes things happen to me that I can’t blog about. Because they’re secret. Order valium online, But I can always analyze the news!

An air transportation group has reported that an estimated 30 million bags were temporarily lost by the airlines in 2005.

And, if the term “bags” includes “bags of pot”, valium or xanax easy november choose, make that 30 million and one due to the eighth of skunk I was forced to eat when I saw an approaching German Shepherd in terminal B of Milwaukee International. Valium ingredients, By the by, if you’re going to eat a bag of powerful street drugs before getting on a plane, an aisle seat is something of a necessity, fda approved us online pharmacy valium.

Anyway, to put that 30 million figure into shocking perspective, that’s the luggage of 1 out of every 100 passengers, Buying Valium.

This means that on my recent flight on a 300 passenger 747 from New York, Valium once a week, the obese, hairless man who coughed on me, took half my seat and, valium prices, when I wasn’t looking, Valium dilated pupils, my SnackPack; the screaming kid who, in my opinion, was way too old to be allowed to scream like that for 2-hours straight; and the chick who went down on me under a blanket, valium 5mg for muscle spasm, all could have all lost their luggage. Valium knights, If I ever call her like I promised, I’ll ask if she ever got hers back. If I ever see that screaming kid again, detection time period for valium, it’s mother fucking on. Costume anita valium, I’ll hit a 10 year old. Buying Valium, No problem there.

According to officials, last year alone, valium strength, lost luggage cost the airline industry 2.5 billion dollars. Nrop valium, Responding to criticism, transportation secretary Norm Mineta pointed out that the losses were actually good for the economy, because they made the luggage industry 10 billion dollars, valium mechanism of action.

In his statement, Valium while breastfeeding, secretary Mineta failed to point out that he looks vaguely like gay icon and ex-star trek actor George Takei, but that’s beside the point.

takei mineta

Greater airport congestion, buy cheap valium overseas no membership, tight connection times, Overdosis valium, increased transfers among airlines and stricter security are all contributing to more late or missing bags, but officials said the main problem is that airport baggage handlers tend to be, at best, being prescribed valium, mildly retarded.

I think that's why they wear those earphones, Buying Valium. Welbutrin drug interaction with valium, Maybe they're startled by loud noises, or perhaps they’re listening to children's rhymes. I don’t know, valium family drugs. I’m not retarded. Valium dependancy affect k1 visa, Anyway, to help airlines cope with more passengers and more bags, the industry is promoting the use of a tiny computer-style chip on luggage tags that it says will reduce the number of misdirected bags, valium sublingual. However, Valium tooth extraction, critics of the plan say it will cause terrible delays as passengers will have to remove the computer style chip from their luggage before putting it through the x-ray machine.

Those who refuse will be darted and tagged with a large red plastic number that is affixed permanently to the ear... ok, valium advanced guestbook 2.4, I made that last part up. Drink comparable to valium, If you’re wondering what happens to those 30 million lost bags, well, all but 200,000 are eventually reunited with their owners, while the remainder are believed to be hiding somewhere in the rugged mountainous region of Kashmir.

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