Clomid Pharmacy No Prescription

September 2nd, 2009


Clomid Pharmacy No Prescription, Here in the dog days of summer, Urlesque, a page owned by AOL that covers Internet trends, viral videos, memes and sundry other web ephemera, has let their true feelings about cats out of the bag. Green leaf clomid, On 9.9.09, Urlesque is sponsoring an online movement called ‘A Day Without Cats on the Internet.’ Taking a cue from Asylum, buying clomid line, Quit clomid, another, though more male-oriented, clomid clomiphene, Clomid after miscarriage, web trends site that recently announced ‘A Day Without Megan Fox’ to protest the sultry actress’s overexposure online, ‘A Day Without Cats on the Internet’ aims to revolt against “the over-population of cats on the interwebs” seen in all those “funny cat photos and videos that infest your IM conversations, clomid low price, Clomid ingredients, Facebook walls and e-mail forwards from mom.” Many other sites have agreed to heed the ban, including Best Week Ever, clomid post cycle, Coming off clomid, Dumb As A Blog, Lemondrop, clomid get pregnant, Baby aspirin clomid, PawNation, PetSugar, eye problems resulting from clomid, Clomid age 42 wih iui, Popbytes, PopEater, clomid cycle menstrual, Double ovulation clomid twins, The Presurfer, Rocketboom, purpose of clomid, Massive headache from clomid, Snuzzy, Tosh.0 Blog, chances of multiples using clomid, Symptoms from clomid, ZooBorns, and Zoomdoggle.

But of all the things that repetitively annoy us online, when clomid fails, Spotting on clomid, are cats really the best target of our ire. Are cats even the least bit offensive, who conceived twins on clomid. Progesteron level 20.7 after clomid, Sure, they’re overexposed, cancer clomid, Soy isoflavones vs clomid, having been a mainstay of the online landscape since approximately 80% of Geocities and Angelfire users built pages about how their cat was the cutest, smartest feline in the world, but try snuggling with most of the other stuff that repeatedly wells up online. Cozy up with some of this other foul shit and you’re likely to vomit, catch an STD or be killed outright.

Therefore, I propose some alternative, more right-minded online blacklists.

Rather than 'A Day Without Cats,' how about 'A Day Without Childhood Obesity?' These fat, greedy little fucks are all over the web. You could give your computer Type 2 Diabetes loading one of their pages.


What would you rather see, an obese child or an obese cat, Clomid Pharmacy No Prescription. I’ll take the cat.


Or how about 'A Day Without Animals With Erections?' Or even a semi-hemi.


As part of my research I looked, and the closest thing I found to a cat with a chubby is this chubby cat:


Or how about ‘A Day Without Body Modifications?’


You never see a cat with body modifications. Only nitwits who try to modify their bodies into cats.


And more than a daylong ban, let’s strive to strike permanently from the Internet usage of the terms interweb, kewl, teh, ne1,‘nuff said, methinks, anything that adds the suffix ‘sauce,’ and describing something using a superlative adjective followed by a period followed by a noun followed by another period and ending with the word 'ever.' And bacon. There’s too much bacon lust online. Bacon is delicious, but bacon AK-47s are such a moronic waste of pork that even Justices Scalia and Thomas would vote to ban them under the Second Amendment.


You want to ban weirdos giving cat massages, fine.I support you 100%.

But anything further just inspires blackly evil violence towards cats from assholes like this. ‘Nuff said.


What would you like to see banned from the Internet. Share your thoughts in the message board below.


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12 Responses to “Clomid Pharmacy No Prescription”

  1. 1 drew Says:

    I agree on the bacon….
    I’m tired of all this clothing made out of bacon. When did this start, exactly?
    I’m also sick of imitation viral videos made by big-time ad agencies.

  2. 2 Daniel Says:

    Yes seriously when the fuck did bacon become trendy? stupid!

    But i would like to see anything related to pop divas and hollywood actors banned, i´m so goddamn tired of these people.

  3. 3 Tom Says:

    I am not in favor of bacon either. Way overrated. Tasty in moderation, but then so is rhubarb. I nominate the online rubes who include “patriot.” or “warrior” when refering to themselves in the AOL gay and political chat rooms.

  4. 4 Adam Says:

    Hey Martin, someone used a clip of infected and put it on youtube with a title of “Revision3 infected Martin Sargent: LIBERALS making fun of people who died in 911 FULL CLIP”. I commented on the video pointing out how wrong he was and he basically said “Fuck you liberal”. The link is here:

  5. 5 Tom Says:

    Either an astonishing example of synchronicity or else glaring proof that my nomination of banning right wing simpletons from the internets was totally on point. This knuckle dragger calls himself “GOPPATRIOT” when besmirching the good name of Martin, believe me, he trolls the AOL member created rooms going as “Lavenderlenny” when he’s on the cruise for a new French handyman. Stomp the redneck agenda.

  6. 6 Rob Nasty Says:

    Instead of flaming or trying to set the record straight about that YouTube post by GOPATRIOT, just comment on how kick-ass the clip is.

  7. 7 zenk Says:

    irony and post-______

  8. 8 Tired Canadian Says:

    Bacon is overrated?? Thats like saying Jesus is overrated !! And yes thats right I am comparing the son of God to a pork product, get over it you whiny sniveling yellow-bellied deep fried goat lovers !! Lastly i would just like to say that the most annoying item or trend on the internet is comments and the idiots that waste everyones valuable time with jackass comments !! Death to all moron commenters !! Thanks and have a swell day.
    TWIF rocks !!!

  9. 9 Maaahtin Says:

    Finally! Someone else notices the bacon obsession.

  10. 10 Gornzilla Says:

    What about banning advertising and the greasy partially nude people in it? It’s like a perpetual bowflex commercial. Maybe that’s where all of the bacon grease is going.

  11. 11 geeklayer Says:

    those are some strange pictures

    the geeklayer team

  12. 12 Spock Says:

    You want fries with that?