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June 15th, 2009

Cheap Clomid Online, Attention, troopers. It’s been a powerful long time since I’ve given you a mission, clomid related to tics. Starting clomid, Well it’s time to quit your lollygagging and put down that back issue of Miniature Donkey Talk magazine, because you’re about to get your marching orders—straight to the Photoshop icon, cyst clomid. Provera followed by clomid, aprilcover

First, a little back story: My fierce and bloodthirsty co-host on This Week in Fun, clomid hcg injection trigger, Buy clomid cheap, the wicked Sarah Lane (yes, I know that outwardly she appears fun and bubbly, men taking clomid, Clomid tender nipples, but a dark, acidic ichor runs through those veins, clomid message boards, Clomid fertility, a substance so caustic I once saw a drop of her saliva—not even blood—burn clear through the hood of a 1986 Buick Regal), and I took a whole mess of photos last week, clomid pregnant. Clomid cancer, No, we weren’t on one of our legendary birding expeditions, pictures of clomid pills, 100 mg of clomid, but rather in front of a green screen. See, the idea is to have our animator pal Eden Soto use the photos to construct an eye-popping graphical intro for This Week in Fun, Cheap Clomid Online. A graphical intro that we’ll start to use once we begin publishing our show in video format—hopefully in the very near future, clomid calculator baby med. Clomid club, And now that you’re caught up, I thought we’d launch into some digital horseplay, taking clomid without a perscription. Clomid chances of twins, Below, I’ll post three of these photos, clomid pap smear. Clomid delay cycle, Being that they’re against green screen, it will be easy peasy for even the most fledgling Photoshop users to place Sarah and me in a world far away, clomid cervical mucus. Cheap Clomid Online, Will we be feasting at an elaborate Hindu wedding. Clomid cost, Smelting iron ore in pre-Solidarność era Ukraine. Embroiled in some sort of a madcap caper (involving a gondola and pudding) that we simply don’t know how we’ll ever make our way out of, clomid lutal mood swings. Clomid 610, The answer is only limited by your imagination (and Photoshop skills [and rather narrow range of photos I’ll be providing you]).

When you’ve finished, ovulation following clomid, send your handiwork to martin at twit dot tv and I’ll post them in an upcoming entry, maybe even flash one on the show (we'll do more of this once show is full video).

Ok, then, go. Photoshop ‘til you drop.


(Large Size Here)


(Large Size Here)


(Large Size Here)


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12 Responses to “Cheap Clomid Online”

  1. 1 TalkinApe Says:

    My mind is far too dirty at the moment for this contest, so I will (for the avoidance of future shame) not participate. Parents everywhere should thank me for this noble gesture of cowardice.

  2. 2 Aaron Says:

    I don’t know, Marty, you may be too hideous to do anything with. I guess I could just cropped you out entirely, or maybe put a paper bag over your head. Gonna have to consult my witch doctor before I embark on this one…

  3. 3 Will Says:

    working on the photos now, and don’t listen to Aaron your not hideous at all Martin

  4. 4 Some Douche Says:

    This what you had in mind Marty?

  5. 5 Joseph Says:

    Will seems to have an ol’ schoolgirl crush on our pal Marty.

    “Your not hideous at all Martin,” he sighs to himself as he zooms in on Martin’s face. Already cropping Sarah out of the picture, he proceeds to place a half naked glistening photo of himself in her place. “In fact… you’re kinda cute…”

    He then proceeds to print these photos off, to add to his Wall of Sargent, to which he masturbates in front of – furiously – every sunset.

  6. 6 Aaron Says:

    Oh Marty. What is it with you and wearing Black? Sarah looks so vibrant and cute. You look dark. And on Twif? You look like a giant, fat floating head. Do you own anything mildly bright? Go out and buy a neon tracksuit if you gotta!

  7. 7 Chris Says:

    That first picture of Sarah is frightening. All you can see is her bottom row of teeth.

  8. 8 Fufufu Says:

    Sarah looks like Sarah Jessica Parker.


  9. 9 Anton Tanderup Says:

    Here ya go. TWiF is on CNN!

  10. 10 Doc Says:

    Anyone else think that Sarah’s red chucks are total win?

  11. 11 Fufufu Says:

    Only you, Doc.

  12. 12 Kolomona Says:

    This is a brilliant idea for promoting TWiF. Kudos.

    Everyone don’t forget to vote for Martin at