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February 27th, 2009

twif7 Buy Clomid Without A Prescription, We put out the call to all talented bards in the vast TWiF fandom to let fair Euterpe pluck at their heartstrings, record the results, and send their sweet-sounding opuses to Sarah and me for inclusion in the show. Could clomid delay, And one of these, we declared, old clomid, Anabol clomid, would carry the high honor of becoming the official TWiF anthem.

And you heard us, longer cycle on clomid, Clomid recommendations, Team TWiF, you heard us and responded as admirably as we knew you would, clomid for short luteal phase. Too old for clomid, Your job. Let us know which of the following submissions you like best, cervical mucus on clomid. Also, there's still time to submit your own, Buy Clomid Without A Prescription. Odds of having twin with clomid, And finally, we still very much would love to see your graphic submissions, clomid days 3-7 or 5-10, Clenbuterol clomid nolvadex, as we feel, even though we both look damn beautiful, clomid blurred vision, Increase cervical mucous on clomid, the two shot of us in the lower third is a bit distracting. I guess we're just too beautiful.., clomid results. 50 or 100mg of clomid, Thanks so much for your continued support of TWiF. Join us every Friday at 3pm PST at and please tell your friends, clomid getting pregnent. Nolvadex czy clomid, And perhaps most importantly, let Leo know how much you like the show and that you'd love to see a downloadable version as part of the regular TWiT lineup, injectable fertility drugs other than clomid. Clomid make period late, TWiF by Gabe McG

TWiF by Stewart Peck

This Week In Fun by Dan Leuders

TWiF by Pauly Wood a.k.a. Paul Minshall

And Pauly Wood also submitted a Tweet Beat theme

Cast your vote below, tamox clomid hcg buy. 5380 clomid foreign generic. When to ovulate after clomid. Clomid sample. Clomid mid-cycle spotting long cycle. Cramps on clomid.

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46 Responses to “Buy Clomid Without A Prescription”

  1. 1 NastyRob Says:

    Finally again. A long wait since the last update.

  2. 2 unscrewed_ronin Says:

    TWiF by Gabe McG all the way

  3. 3 Niek Says:

    TWiF by Gabe McG it is indeed.

  4. 4 Chris Heath Says:

    I vote for Pauly Wood

  5. 5 BSheep Says:

    GabeMcG, the original and still the best!

  6. 6 antwesor Says:

    Gabe McG

  7. 7 Artistan Says:

    This Week In Fun by Dan Leuders

  8. 8 boga Says:

    Gabe McG. A vote for anything else is a vote for trash.

  9. 9 monkeystick Says:

    ..whichever one ended with Hello Petaluma !!!

    i nearly sharted

  10. 10 Alexander K. Says:

    The second one (Stewart Peck) is certainly my favorite.

  11. 11 Ben Says:

    I vote for Pauly Wood aswell

  12. 12 AtomicBrahms Says:

    This Week In Fun by Dan Leuders

  13. 13 will Says:

    Dan Leuders

  14. 14 Jonathan Says:

    Pauly Wood FTW

  15. 15 UUill Says:

    open with: Gabe McG
    close with: Stewart Peck

  16. 16 Stan Says:

    This Week In Fun by Dan Leuders

  17. 17 me Says:

    dan leuders

  18. 18 Moogooguypan Says:

    I vote for This Week In Fun by Dan Leuders and Tweet Beat by Pauly Wood.

  19. 19 Brandon Weir Says:

    Tweet Beat is Great. I liked both of Pauly Woods submissions. Use the Peck version as the out music. And please tell Leo he would be a fool to not have you guys as a regular show. I always stumble upon it and enjoy the content. (its better than some of the other shows also).

    Twit needs a little more fun. =-)

  20. 20 Andrew B Says:

    Pauly Wood, for both TWiF and Tweet Beat!

  21. 21 Nicholas Sanders Says:

    A difficult decision indeed, but I am compelled by forces not of this world to vote for Paul Minshall.

  22. 22 Guy Says:

    Gonna have to go with Paulywood, but you had a good idea when you said Stewart Peck’s song is a good show closer.

  23. 23 KyleKrupinski Says:

    This is tough because I really enjoyed the Stewart Peck tune but I’d have to say that as far as an opening theme the Dan Leuders track takes the cake.

  24. 24 John Maloney Says:

    I have to go with Gabe McG, it fits the show perfectly.

  25. 25 Troy McConaghy Says:

    I like the one by Pauly Wood best. It’s short, upbeat, and sounds professional but not overproduced.

    Making reference to poo in the opening music is probably not a good idea if you want to get sponsors.

    When Leo and Sarah interviewed Drew Curtis of Fark on Tuesday, he said he moved Fark’s “Boobies” section to a different website because sponsors didn’t want to put ads next to that content. “Poo” is similar. During the show, it can be done right (in context, within reason), but you really don’t want people to think poo when they think TWiF (i.e. as being integral to the TWiF brand).

  26. 26 jbeep Says:


  27. 27 gsm Says:

    The Paulywood Tweet Beat theme is excellent.

    The Gabe version cracks me up. Love it! :)

  28. 28 AaronB Says:

    GabeMcG… not only should he win because he made this song not to win a contest, not expecting anything in return at all, with no ability, talent or anything redeeming to offer, he made it because he’s a fanatic. A fan. A freak who waves his flag so high that passing planes have to go around it.

    Thats the sort of devotion that drips out of his theme, and thats the sort of unpolished, unrepentant and powerful energy that you need for the show.

    There is no other, Gabe is the only, true theme for this show. All others are in his shadow.

  29. 29 avaiana Says:

    Paul Wood FTW!!!

  30. 30 Guy Says:

    AaronB, you must have missed him spamming in the chat room. “Hey Sarah you missed my song! ” 30 times per minute.

  31. 31 Aztekman Says:

    Gabe McGuiness is the original and the best.

  32. 32 AaronB Says:

    Well if he spammed the room, that’s uncool. I was in when Leo heard it for the first time and he was beyond happy that Leo liked it so much.
    Then again, it sort of fits into the fanatic aspect of it.
    I mean, the dude is defiantly a TWiT fanatic, which is both good and bad.

  33. 33 Tom Says:

    I vote for Pauly Wood. His name reminds me of Paulie Walnuts from the Sopranos.

  34. 34 Dean Says:

    After listening to the four options I select Pauly Wood. You need an upbeat theme song and his song fits the bill perfectly.

  35. 35 Len Says:

    The TweetBeat song is by FAR the best! Pauly’s TWiF song is the best of the TWiF intros.

  36. 36 Jamie Says:

    My vote is with Pauly’s songs!

  37. 37 Chris Says:

    Pauly Wood!

  38. 38 Colin Says:

    I vote GabeMcG

  39. 39 GabeMcG Says:

    I was all set to vote for Dan Luders, but after the ringing endorsement from AaronB how could I not vote for myself?

    Count +1 for me, GabeMcG

    And to respond to Guy’s comment above, sorry if I got a little excited with the links there. I was just hoping they would play the Tweet Beat theme I made too. No big deal, it’s their show, but it was still a little disappointing.

    Thanks to everyone for all the kind words and votes.
    Please vote for me to win the Ultimate Gaming Machine too…

  40. 40 Hellhound2k Says:

    its a toss up for me between “TWiF by Gabe McG” (I like its raw, comical edge) and “This Week In Fun by Dan Leuders” (for a more “produced” sound).

    Tweet Beat theme sure is the best of them all

  41. 41 theappletech Says:

    This Week In Fun by Dan Leuders

  42. 42 phylum Says:

    i keep missing these damn shows is there some way to download then, ive never used twitter before, somebody needs to get on the ball and straighten this mess out.

  43. 43 Hyuru6 Says:

    My 2 cents: Mr Gabe McG is definitely more Mr Sergent’s style.

  44. 44 Guy Says:


    Go here to Sarah’s site for a list of all the episode posts and links to downloads

  45. 45 rick33 Says:

    my vote///
    dan leuders!

    please no more votes for pauly wood… i would have to forward past that part of the show ;p not my cup o’ tea.

  46. 46 Evan Says:

    This Week In Fun by Dan Leuders