Buying Clomid

January 26th, 2009

Buying Clomid, Gore has his Nobel. Clomid alternative, Scorcese has his Oscar. And now Sargent has his Shorty, arimidex clomid fertility. Risks of clomid, Yes, the official results are in, pharmaceutical clomid cum, Best price for clomid, and I am the winner of The Shorty Awards. Well, fertility women clomid, Clomid breast soreness, not the whole thing. My category, Buying Clomid. And I'm not sure what it means that the category in which I achieved this distinction is called 'weird.' But I'm delighted nonetheless, clomid succcess. Forum buy clomid, My mother even cried.

For those of you unfamiliar with The Shorty Awards, when taking clomid, Prolonged dry lips clomid, they have been given to "the best producers of short content in 2008." And by short content, they mean 140 characters or less, picture of clomid pill. Ovarian cyst due to clomid, In other words, these are the Twitter awards, clomid internal medicine. Buying Clomid, I'm not sure that I deserved to win. Clomid made allergies better, I mean, I only received 207 official votes, ovulation test results using clomid, Can an endocrinologist prescribe clomid, and I shamelessly asked my 9000 or so Twitter followers to vote for me on several occasions. Therefore, clomid testosterone production, Femara clomid, only 2.3% of my own followers thought I deserved to win. But politics is a numbers game, using clomid with no ovulation problems, Clomid progestrone levels, and my political machine (namely a busted up, sticky Macbook) managed to get out enough of the vote to secure my victory, bee pollen clomid getting pregnant, Pregnant after using clomid, so I'll take it.

And what do I get as a Shorty Award winner, cervical mucus with clomid. Aside from glory, apparently a $1000 grant to travel to Brooklyn to attend the awards ceremony, where I'll be asked to give a 140 character acceptance speech, Buying Clomid. Clomid hcg iui trigger twin, Talk about weird.

Anyway, thank you all so much for voting for me. Most all of your 140 character ballots expressing why I deserved to win the award were terrific. Here are some of my favorites:

@buzzbros2002: I vote for @martinsargent in the Shorty Awards Finals for #weird because he makes me think of whalepoop

@juanrcm: I vote for @martinsargent in the Shorty Awards Finals for #weird because...he NEEDS this

@ryanmunshower: I vote for @martinsargent in the Shorty Awards Finals for #weird because he's lonely and depressed

@wirwzd: I vote for @martinsargent in the Shorty Awards Finals for #weird because he has a tiny bladder and I feel bad for him

@bobisme: I vote for @martinsargent in the Shorty Awards Finals for #weird because he deserves to win something in his life

@rmediavilla: I vote for @martinsargent in the Shorty Awards Finals for #weird because... He had no idea what he was talking about on TechTV

@ogrim: I vote for @martinsargent in the Shorty Awards Finals for #weird because he is internet, in all the bad ways you can think of

@adamwise: I vote for @martinsargent in the Shorty Awards for #weird because he has oddly shaped cheek bones. Bugged me since TechTV...

@phillgreylewis: I vote for @martinsargent in the Shorty Awards Finals for #weird as he is the Indiana Jones of net culture, online uniqueness.

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19 Responses to “Buying Clomid”

  1. 1 Andrew meeusen Says:

    I am ashamed I didn’t cast my vote, I would sacrifice myself to save my honor but since u won the award I’m sure a simple congrats will safice. Congradulations for being our fab wierd guy

  2. 2 Daisy Whitney Says:

    Why does Martin deserve the award? Because he once compared Matthew Broderick to a lawn jockey.

  3. 3 Phill Lewis Says:

    Nicely done Martin, next time you are on TWIT (friday, right?) you can have Sarah introduce you as “The 2009 Shorty Awards Winner in Weird, Martin..Sarrrrrgent”


  4. 4 Rich Says:

    Awesome, nice work, Marty. I figured it would come down to an epic battle between you and @THE_REAL_SHAQ. Glad to see the better man won.

  5. 5 Lee Semel Says:

    Congratulations – glad your mother was pleased! Parents are always gratified when their kids live up to and exceed their expectations.

  6. 6 jholowacz Says:

    Word up Martin! Keep postin’&Tweetin’.

  7. 7 Kevin Lara Says:

    “@buzzbros2002: I vote for @martinsargent in the Shorty Awards Finals for #weird because he makes me think of whalepoop”

    hahaha…that is amazing. Congrats, Martin. When you go up to receive your reward, remember that this 140 character reason was one of the many that backed you up.


  8. 8 Cory Says:

    I gave up on twitter. Which is to say I just completely forgot about it. I only used it to keep up on techtv people, by which i mean you, just saying it in a less stalker-sounding way.
    Next time, I’ll be there for you, marty.

    and it worries me that someone cares so much about your cheek bones.

  9. 9 Brett Says:

    Quasi toto.

  10. 10 Evan Ward Says:

    glorious day to be a Sargent fan.

    Now that you’ve conquered twitter, maybe we can get some new video content!

  11. 11 Tom Says:

    The only thing I ever won was a pair of cuff-links in a fun night raffle when I was in the third grade. This led to getting a suit, which led to my getting pounded. You have a lot of guts to be entering contests, Martin.

  12. 12 Ogrim Says:

    Hey, I made the favorites :) Grats on the award, Martin!

  13. 13 Uncle Ron Says:

    Congratulations, you really deserved this.

  14. 14 Scott Carmichael Says:

    Well, a win is a win…

    Although that 140-character acceptance thing IS PRETTY weird…

    I mean, that’s even nerdy for a bunch of nerds.


  15. 15 Al Gored Says:

    2.3% of your Twitter followers voted for you;
    that’s about the same pct of climateologists
    who don’t believe in man’s being the prime
    cause of global warming.

  16. 16 Al Gored Says:

    I forgot one thing;since i created the internet
    i now am kicking you off it… as well as taking your
    reward,cause i also own the damn internet.

  17. 17 Brenden Sousa Says:

    I voted for you homey. So if you don’t mind, would you follow me on there and send some of your followers my way. JK. My life is dull and boring in comparison.

  18. 18 Eric Westbrook Says:

    Congrats. Don’t forget all of the little people who lifted you to this dynasty. Coincidentally, 2.3% is also the probability that Martin will use the money to attend the ceremony instead of blow the grant on coke and hookers

  19. 19 Kevin Says:

    I voted for you! ….11 times <_<