Buying Diazepam

January 4th, 2009

Buying Diazepam, After nearly one hundred posts, tens of thousands of titillated readers and just shy of $14 in Google AdSense spoils, I've decided to relaunch SargeWorld. I even have a new name for the site: Yes, buy diazepam no prescription anxiety, Diazepam online, after years of my name being held hostage by unscrupulous profiteers, the digital kidnappers clearly realized I would never be successful enough to earn anywhere near the money to make a serious offer and gave up, ranbaxy diazepam. Hydrocodone diazepam, A massive thank you to loyal viewer Ryan Munshower for noticing the domain was available one lonely drunken night, buying it, evista interaction with diazepam, Can diazepam expire, and then giving it to me for Christmas. Ryan, 2-pam chloride diazepam, Diazepam vs xantex, you are now on the list of my favorite living Americans, right between Rollie Fingers and Patti LaBelle, diazepam cash on delivery. Synthetic diazepam, Also making that esteemed roll is Stefano Scalia, a fan who has become a friend, dantrolene diazepam, Diazepam samples, who designed and built this beautiful new site. If you are ever in need of a terrific web designer who is a pleasure to work with and not the least bit dickish, look no further than Stefano Scalia (don't worry, no relation to Antonin), Buying Diazepam.

Also thanks to Joey Rabier, which is better clonazepam diazepam, Diazepam rectal gel, who designed the old SargeWorld, which served me well since August of 2005, buying diazepam in india without prescription. Cheap diazepam online, In that entire span, not one person ever noticed the ghostly toilet that Joey inexplicably designed into the banner, diazepam for oral conscious sedation. Diazepam suspensions 2mg per 5ml, Look, to the right, diuretics diazepam. Diazepam overnight shipping, See it.


Buying Diazepam, One of Internet's last great Easter Eggs, finally revealed. As for the people in the photo, lorazepam or diazepam, Lorazepam equivalent to diazepam, I have no idea who they are and they have even less of an idea that tens of thousands of people have stared at them over the years. Judging by the number of drinks and cigarettes they had consumed by 11am or so when that photo was taken, diazepam adminstration via et, European suppliers of diazepam without prescription, I imagine they are long dead. I hope not, diazepam light sensitivity. They seemed like proud people.

And what can you expect from the new Most importantly, more frequent posts and starting very soon, original video content. So be sure to check back often (or better yet, subscribe here), and please use the forum below to let me know what you like or don't like about what you've already seen. Thanks for visiting.


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41 Responses to “Buying Diazepam”

  1. 1 Tom Says:

    Oh dear, oh my. This is very nice. How long will I be confused? I do so hate change.

  2. 2 Al Boondy Says:

    New color scheme is much easier on the eyes … Me likey!

    Thanks for keeping us laughing all these years, Martin, I’ve been watching since “Unscrewed” and can’t wait to see what the new year holds for ya!

  3. 3 Chris Says:

    Oh Joy! More Martin… Now I hope you can get back to your primary role, of entertaining me! Good Luck in the New Year. Peace.

  4. 4 Michael A. Puls II Says:

    Congrats on the new site!

  5. 5 Luke Westlie Says:

    It rocks, the picture of you is a little creepy though.

  6. 6 Ryan Munshower Says:

    I’ve wet myself, Martin.

    Although I may not have the glorious posterior of one Patti Labelle, just remember:
    Je veux coucher avec vous (ce soir)

  7. 7 Jeff Says:

    Where do I go if I want Fun AND Intrigue?! Are they mutually exclusive?

  8. 8 Eric Westbrook Says:

    Martin is at the cross streets of fun & intrigue. He sits there, slumped against a wall with a brown-bagged 40 and a half-eaten burrito and mumbles something about change. So you’re all good.

  9. 9 Laura McCullough Says:

    Now my website does NOT look as cool as this one. I enjoyed the before and after! Thanks Martin for sharing your whole experience at the Chinese buffet. I think everyone should have to live through that. Unfortunatly, I don’t have a Chinese buffet in walking distance and with a foot of snow I am not going to partake in the hike into Broadview Heights and make it a ‘thing’. So enjoyed that story tons and it felt as if I was almost there. And to add once again my website is not cool = your’s is!

  10. 10 jholowacz Says:

    South Cackalacki shouting out for the new diggs. Great mug shot. Keep being you. Word.

  11. 11 Nick Stanert Says:

    Are you fucking kidding me? Did the other nine fans of this site get together with Martin to pull off this grand hoax? How could the man who once blew the lid off of the blossoming virtual sex industry take pride in this swill?

    The new Martin Sargent looks like it was shat out from some sort of master computer of gayness. That is to say this site’s banality is only matched by its pitiful attempts at creative flamboyancy. While each element of this tripe dump finds a unique way to confuse or offend me, ironically it works perfectly together as a device of faggotry overload.

    This website is just another disturbing attempt for Martin Sargent to update his image and save his eclectic career. Martin Sargent’s humor has never resembled anything hip, cool, or understandable. But that was what gave the material it’s timeless quality! Martin Sargent made me laugh as an ugly creep, not as a jaundice-afflicted tool. Since the beginning of this whole decline into hipster territory, what quality material has Martin produced? This cash out will only alienate his fans and doom him to true obscurity.

  12. 12 Dustin Hill Says:

    @Nick Stanert

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions so I do respect your opinion, but at the same time you could have stated how you felt in a much more mature and less inflammatory manner. If you don’t like what Martin is doing then just go away and leave it at that.


    I’m so happy to see that you’re still trying your best to make it back to where you belong, which is making my laugh until I cry. I also hope that Jay will also find his way back soon. Thank you for the years of laughs, and here’s hoping to many more!


  13. 13 Nick Stanert Says:

    This isn’t a matter of subjectivity. Martin is trying to being something he isn’t. I can understand people taking a shine to his newest personality, but no one can honestly say this is characteristic of the same Martin Sargent that produced Infected.

  14. 14 Andy Says:

    Love it. Keep up the amazing job!

  15. 15 Martin Sargent Says:

    Hey Nick! Thanks for explaining to everyone, including me, what I’m all about.

  16. 16 Charlie Says:

    No toilet on homepage = fail. You must correct this grievous mistake Martin.

  17. 17 TheJim Says:

    Looks great, Marty. Viva la Sarge! Now if I could just downsize this boner…

  18. 18 Slipdisc Says:

    Thanks for all the laughs Marty. Now get your ass back in front of the camera. See ya soon.

  19. 19 Adam Ott Says:

    Good to see you back, Martin.

    Please, if you get the chance, resurrect Gator.

  20. 20 doczoidberg Says:

    Awesome news, Sarge! I check the site on a regular basis, and look forward to what’s coming.

  21. 21 Twenty Says:

    Nice moves.

  22. 22 Walt Ribeiro Says:

    Always a good laugh. Consider me subscribed!

  23. 23 Rich Says:

    @Nick Stanert
    You, sir, are a shining beacon of supreme faggotry. Shine on, you crazy soul.

    Martin – Great to see the site moving forward, and congrats on getting your domain back. You didn’t happen to save that cute girl that used to be on here when the domain was being held hostage, did you?

  24. 24 Nicole Says:

    So I was surfing through my boring cable programming the other day and what do I find. Low and behold I see Sir Martin Sargent on VH1 (yea that’s what I said too, the crappiest music related channel) So I’m like WTF it’s Martin Sargent, so I kept watching… and what show was he on your all asking.. Well I’m here to tell you that, it was a show about internet superstars… yeah that’s right an entire show devoted to the show revision3 didn’t think was good enough… which is why I quite frankly think that the line “eat a dick louderback” is one of the most fitting I’ve ever seen.
    thank you sir! check and mate

  25. 25 Will Says:

    new sites looking good Martin

  26. 26 chris Says:

    So umm, not to be a dick, but I will anyway, what’s changed? The banner, but otherwise looks the same to me.

  27. 27 Taber Says:

    It’s great to see a new Sarge World. I am also really glad to hear that you will be posting new videos. I still listen to Infected every day on my drive to work. Looking forward to the new content!

  28. 28 richard Says:

    you seem to be working on something again!, never know what your gonna do next.
    yes, we need a big reunion show with gator and i forgot what that other guys name was.

  29. 29 Evan Ward Says:

    The whole “lets explore internet together” thing is over the top but I like the new layout!

    All we need is Sarge to post more often!

  30. 30 me Says:

    lovin teh new website…cant wait to see where you will pop up next on tv

  31. 31 John F Says:

    Hey Bunky, would it take too much time to put ‘the’ before ‘internet’ like the rest of the world? Thanks a heck of a lot.

  32. 32 Nick Stanert Says:

    I don’t have to marty, you’ve got cum right in your bio

  33. 33 Uncle Ron Says:

    Love the new layout. Why aren’t you on my TV anymore? It’s just not worth watching these days.

  34. 34 langley Says:

    Nice banner. very hipster-esque, circa 2004.

    So what are you doing now? Did that Piggly Wiggly bagboy job ever pan out? I told my cousin’s doberman pincher groomer to put in a good for you. Good luck in 09.

  35. 35 Dave Says:

    Nice site, and congratulations on the domain. I can’t wait for the new posts and videos!

  36. 36 Rob Says:

    Oh fuck, Nick..just eat a dick…Marty is honestly one of the most amazing people to ever come out of that certain female tunnel into the open world.

    He has always, ever since I was a kid, provided some of the best comedy on TV and no one else could ever compare. Marty, from what I’ve seen is still the same person we’ve all known for so long..he doesn’t have to change. Can’t you find another blog site to diss someone, Nick-a-dick? Nick-lick-dick?

    Marty, class job with the new site. I look forward to laughing my ass off during my college years here in the Windy City.

  37. 37 JMD Says:

    You better follow through with that promise for more content Martin! Gettin tired of watching old eps, we need something new you glorious son of a bitch.

  38. 38 tony mamu Says:

    Hey Martin , so i thought u might have some info on Sarah and Kevin having the same goal as one of their New Years resolutions ,its both of them goin on a date with Jennifer Aniston, so what gives, give us some info sir. anyways i like the new site and i also noticed the toilet never thought much about it i figured it was u saying the site content was crap….so was up with K Rose and Sarah ?

  39. 39 richard Says:

    whens the reunion show comin?

  40. 40 Tom Says:

    IMO it’s uncool to fun on the fat.

  41. 41 Matt Says:

    Quasi Toto, Martin! Can’t wait for the new content. Louderback’s spamming ass can eat a whole BOWL of dicks. Who watches anything on that site anymore anyway?