Diazepam Pharmacy No Prescription, Hey Troopers. Thanks for reading my first entry on SargeWorld since July 6, buy diazepam zopiclone, Diazepam plant source, 2007. That was right around the time I excitedly moved from Santa Monica to San Francisco to join a promising online television network called Revision3, diazepam no prescription overnight. Valium diazepam org, A week ago today, my tenure with that company ended as I and a goodly number of my colleagues, diazepam no prescription, Diazepam description, including my impossibly gifted co-host Jay Speiden, were laid off, diazepam online buy no prescription cheap, Alprozam diazepam clonazepam conversion table, the victims of this unfathomably constricting economic environment.

But I think the public statement regarding my dismissal merits a tiny bit of clarification, diazepam constipation anxiety.

According to a blog post on the Revision3 site explaining the network's decision, Revision3 CEO Jim Louderback stated that my show, Internet Superstar, along with Sarah Lane's show, popSiren, were canceled because they “never really found their audience. And Jim, who has always treated me even-handedly, even generously, and towards whom I bear no malice, is absolutely correct in that my show's numbers didn't consistently approach those of Revision3's most popular show, Diggnation, or some of the more technically oriented programming on the network, such as Tekzilla, Diazepam Pharmacy No Prescription. Bio diazepam interactions, But find an audience we did. A passionate, diazepam drops, Buy diazepam on line, vocal, loyal fan base that, diazepam 10 mg 250 tabs, Diazepam 201, over the past week, has festooned the Internet with message board postings, diazepam harmful, Using diazepam with citalopram, blog entries and tribute videos of protest and praise, and flooded my inbox with heartfelt notes expressing loss, diazepam pill description, Buy cheap diazepam, thanks and encouragement.

Wow, injecting diazepam. International names for diazepam, Your sentiments haven been a true balm, and I can't thank you enough for expressing them, watson dan diazepam, Diazepam by vbulletin intitle view profile, as well as for watching the show when it was on. Diazepam Pharmacy No Prescription, Yes, we found an audience, and it was the best audience a show host could want.

So, information valium diazepam org, Diazepam herbal alternative, what's next for Internet's Martin Sargent. Now that I have the time, buy generic diazepam online, I'll be updating SargeWorld regularly with news of what I'm up to. But if all goes according to plan, I'll once again, in the very near future, involve myself with a new project that will preoccupy me to such a degree that I might go another year and a half without posting here.

At least let's hope so. Stay tuned.

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42 Responses to “Diazepam Pharmacy No Prescription”

  1. 1 danb Says:

    welcome back… can’t wait to see what’s next. hope it involves Jay and Sarah

  2. 2 transmothra Says:

    Yay for updating yer god damn blog already!

    New project eh? Post more infoze pls k thx.

    We all really miss your kooky shows. You are truly an Internet Superstar.

  3. 3 gungaroo22 Says:

    I’ve been an avid fan of everything you do – from SS, to Unscrewed, to Infected, to Web Drifter, Internet Superstar, Internet Superstar 2.0… you’re my idol.

    Keep making me laugh by doing what you do- and never put down the whiskey.

  4. 4 Rich Says:

    Looking forward to your new project, you and Jay go together like peas and carrots. I can’t believe that crapfest Diggnation had larger numbers than Internet Superstar, but at least your show had talent and preparation, and you went out with dignity. Keep doing what you do best.

  5. 5 rhuckuz Says:

    I missed you, Sarge!! Yes, Jay and Sarah would make a great co-hosts to team up with. Now if you can just hunt down that shit-bird, Joey…

  6. 6 mdarthbane Says:

    Hey Martin, I’ve been a fan since Unscrewed, and have listened to and watched every excruciating expisode that you have put out since. From the Olive Garden ads to your moon-faced return to the camera, I’ve loved every moment of your insight into internet culture. Oh, and tell Sarah Lane that if she wants to cohost anything she has to wear Laura Swisher’s old wardrobe.

  7. 7 lunabean Says:

    I’m a huge fan of you, Martin! I can only assume that this means Web Drifter is also a show of the past. Looking forward to your new project and I’m glad to see you finally updated your blog.

  8. 8 renehasp Says:

    I am still sad about you and Sarah, popsiren crew and Hippy… :( Tottaly heart breaking and depressing.. I miss you all so much.

  9. 9 andrei Says:

    Martin, I really loved you and Jay on Internet Superstar. Web Drifter was a masterpiece. Keep up the good work. You guys rock.

    P.S. I am a guy that rarely registers for websites (I hate registration forms). But I really wanted to say how much I enjoy your work. I want you to come back soon with whatever crosses your mind.

    Also get Sarah involved too. The DiggReel episode you did with her was by far the best ever (although I enjoyed Andrew too).

  10. 10 jjallday Says:

    We all love ya, Sarge. Hopefully your next project will be super successful and make Rev3 sorry they didn’t keep you.

    And nothing personal, if it’s porn, I hope you’re just the visionary director and not the star. Not sayin’ anything, just sayin’.

  11. 11 heddaville Says:

    Hear, hear!

  12. 12 GiantLizardKing Says:

    Good luck Marty. I still look for you when I’m out boozing in Santa Monica!

  13. 13 quickliketheninja Says:

    I was sad to hear about the Rev3 layoffs. They got rid of a lot of talent, and lost a lot of ‘equity’, as Gary V would say. I can understand why they had to do it; it’s just part of keeping a business going (the shitty part).

    But I can’t wait to see your next project. You’ve been at this long enough that I think you are just as much an institution in this industry as Kevin and Leo (and to be honest, I don’t keep up with Leo’s work). Keep at it!

  14. 14 FirestoneX Says:

    Welcome back Martin.

    Hard to believe.. You teach Kevin Rose everything he knows, and he takes all your viewers. ;)

    Oh, and I found a funny video of Kevin, Prager, and you from the techtv days that I will post on the diggnation forums in… Oh about 3 weeks when my ban expires. :p

    Your audience is out here… You just need to rally your troops.

    Oh and get a better login system.. The current one is a pain.. Just so you know.

    Can’t wait for what the future holds for you and Jay..

    BTW….. Can Gator come back? Surely Alex Chu can help..
    Or perhaps Gator could inhabit Jays body in the future… I always said that if that happens, no one would have to argue about the 2 of them looking alike and would be satifying for me atleast. Though the thought of Jay and Gator both on screen talking to each other is an idea I like also… Whatever you do in the future, I hope that Gator can be involved.

  15. 15 Dustcrazy Says:

    I’ve always been a fan and will fallow you where ever you may go.

  16. 16 Nathan79 Says:


    FirestoneX, good to see ya, mate! (I’ve personally banned myself from RevG4)

    Martin, YOU rock! I know you’ll show ‘em all.

    Wondering what you were up to led me to RevG4. Seeing Sarah and the rest of the gang there really got me interested. I do believe it was timing that ultimately caused THAT internet TV site to shit the bed and cater to it’s reduced demographic. I blame JimL for the same reasons I blame GW for America’s downfall. It might not be all his fault, but finger pointing is essential to our state of mind. lol!

    I love you, man, and I’m confident that you’ll once again claim the throne to Internet magnificence!

    PS Thanks for alex chui. Don’t know if it’s BS, but my Carpal Tunnel went away after wearing those rings for 2 years.

  17. 17 sarahlane Says:

    You go, Martin.

  18. 18 Aidan_Cole06 Says:

    I have been a fan of your material since your ZDTV – Tech TV days. I have loved all of your shows, but I have to say my favorite was Unscrewed with Martin Sargent. I would like to see you bring that show back. Maybe even reuniting with Laura Swisher! Anyway keep us posted to your news and I will return as a fan!

    Jason Sullivan

  19. 19 turbo63 Says:

    Rev 3 never setup Web Drifter to succeed. They needed to produce more than a few episodes at a time so people could get used to watching it on a consistent basis. I think it was the best show on Rev 3 when it was on.

  20. 20 erinw Says:

    I’ve also followed you since TechTV. It’s good to see that (at least on the surface) you harbor no ill will toward anybody. We’re certainly pissed. Hah. You’re a much stronger person than I could be in that situation.

    I’m looking forward to reading more frequent posts – you’re paying for a domain and hosting; may as well use it, eh? :)

    Whatever happens, I can’t wait to see what you do next. Yours is a talent that the world needs to know, dammit, so get out there and be the best Sarge you can be! Okay, so that was cheesy, but…I’m admittedly unashamed.

  21. 21 destroxxiv Says:


    I will follow you wherever you go.

    I’ve always connected with your message- exposing the underbelly of Internet and doing it with panache.

    There’s not much more to say. Revision3 really gave up a gem.

    If you’re hard up in the rockstar department, my girlfriend will sleep with you- but it has to be a one-time thing. I’m sure you understand.

    By the way- I hope whatever you do that Jay will be there right along with you. Except for my girlfriend. He’ll have to find his own.

  22. 22 Troy Says:

    I hope that things turn around and see you all back on Rev3.

  23. 23 Jim_McD Says:

    You kick ass Martin, I’ll be keeping an eye out for your next project. Hug the other Rev3ers for us when you get the chance!

  24. 24 megskathy Says:

    we love you martin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. 25 mjcarlstrom Says:

    Martin, what does this say about me that the shows I went to Revision3 to watch, are all canceled. Yours was one of the most interesting, even when it made my skin crawl. I hope you don’t stay away from creating new and interesting things too long.

  26. 26 Foil1212 Says:

    I look forward to your next project!

  27. 27 dragonbladev Says:

    Martin and jay,
    ive been a fan since TSS and unscrewed, enjoyed every episode of infected and sargevision, and internet superstar every day was like the best thing to wake up to, started my day with a smile. i was angry when i heard u got fired and now that i read your first blog post in like 2 years i now have confidence that this isnt the last we will see of the sarge. also i now feel bad for posting “choke on a dick lowderback” on all the msg boards :(
    … ya i said choke to be extra mean… had to let out some anger :p

  28. 28 dragonbladev Says:

    hah, forgot to mention i changed my home page back to sarge world now that revision3 is tainted. they ruined a good show :(

  29. 29 avaiana Says:

    Welcome Back! and thanks for putting a link to my video on your blog.

  30. 30 GrandMoffCory Says:

    This post finally pushed me to get around to making a new wordpress acount so I can comment on here again.
    Finally, my homepage is going to be new, yet again.
    I’ve had it as my homepage for ages…waiting for it to pull a jesus and resurrect.

  31. 31 dudeman Says:

    Internet Superstar was one of my favorite shows, Web Drifter I felt was even one notch above everything else on Revision 3, award worthy for such a unique and often comical documentary style.

    Popsiren I felt was also such a great and polished show, it’s really sad to see these all go, I really hope you and Jay and Sarah and Moujan and everyone else who worked on these shows are back at it really soon, I think you are all extremely talented and likable hosts and were the reason I religiously synced my iPod everyday, or used to.

    You all look great too.

  32. 32 tuxthemagicpenguin Says:

    Marty- I’ve been a fan since the TSS and Unscrewed days. There’s too much unoriginal garbage out there and I’ve always enjoyed your shows because they were different. Rev3 is really starting to severely disappoint me with their habit of canceling anything and everything that interests me. Kind of feels like G4/TechTV all over again!

    Best of luck to you, with your talent it shouldn’t be too long before you move on to a bigger, better and more successful project! Keep us posted.

  33. 33 Evan Ward Says:

    Hi Marty.

    I hope that you continue to update us on your progress from time to time.


  34. 34 Dirty BJ Says:

    Martin! Quasi toto! You, Jay, Sarah, and MOUJAN – BOOM! Yummy.

  35. 35 bucoughman Says:

    Like the many posted here, I loved your work. Internet Superstar was getting really good, but I think Web Drifter was my favorite. I hope you’re able to get back to making great shows. I’ll be waiting.

    After all, with out it’s Sargent, how will the internet maintain discipline and not fall into disarray?

    ~Jessi (from IS #81)

  36. 36 Zoyx Says:

    I can set Jim Louderback’s couch on fire… just say the word. Eat your beets!

  37. 37 Scott Carmichael Says:

    Glad to hear you’re doing okay after the Rev3 mess!

    I’ve been watching your stuff since TechTV and I think whatever you do next is gonna be awesome.

  38. 38 xerxus Says:

    Bring back audio-only infected

  39. 39 Colin Says:

    Hey Martin!

    FYI, your show and PopSiren had, by far, the most views of any of the Revision3 shows on YouTube? Your “iPhone Arm” video is #1 with 150,000+ views, vs. the most popular Diggnation episode which only had 10,000+.

    Out of curiosity, how was Lauderback measuring viewership and what were the comparitive numbers? The professional, hilarious albeit juvenile “Internet Superstar” was certainly a class above the put-a-web-cam-in-front-of-two-people-and-let-them-talk “Diggnation”. I don’t understand how anyone could stand watching the latter, it just felt too homemade and dull.

    Also, Revision3’s revenue numbers just posted to Digg and it appears they exploded. How is it that “the economy” necessitated your firing as Revision3 saw record growth?

  40. 40 outthere396 Says:

    Uhmm, I forgot what I wanted to say.

  41. 41 outthere396 Says:

    Oh, yeah, now I remember. Sarge, you should hook up with Diablo Cody. That came to me in a stupor, and now that the haze has lifted, it still seems to hold up.

  42. 42 Serrax Says:

    Martin I fuckin love you.