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May 1st, 2007

Purchase Alprazolam, This morning, I started Mayday as I always do: by bathing my face in the early morning dew of my garden, the cold, earthy wetness cleansing my furrowed brow. After this purifying ritual, Alprazolam meds, I looked with lighter eyes across my tiny field at the old husks and dead stalks from last year’s planting season, my heart filled with yearning for the coming renewal.

Then, fabra alprazolam, after donning my loose-fitting hempen garb and adorning it with the most colorful of sashes and spangles, Cost of alprazolam without insurance, my close Earth Friends and I, as we do yearly on this day, danced around the Maypole, canine amitriptyline given with alprazolam. Oh, Alprazolam advanced guestbook 2.4.1, how we merry dervishes flamboyantly pranced and flitted around that sturdy, streamer-strewn pole. What a sense of rebirth it brings as we gleefully kick off the spring season, prescription d c lorazepam alprazolam, drawing us into to warm bosom of our nurturing omni-soul, Alprazolam international shipping, Gaia.

maypole martin sargent

It’s an exceedingly redemptive ceremony, and cleansed far more from my spirit than merely the final sin of the cold and dark winter months, namely sneaking into my neighbor’s yard last night and dismantling his 5-year-old’s swing set to garner the materials required to construct the Maypole (we just left the one from last year in the neighborhood park, for someone else to clean up—Mayday shouldn’t be about fuss), Purchase Alprazolam. But that little fucker from next door was screaming and hollering so loud when he saw his swing set was gone it almost ruined our pageantry, but eventually the noise from the drum circle drowned him out, alprazolam mixed with, and our festival seethed with good spirit. I took 2 alprazolam sleep forum,

After the whirling pagan bacchanal, which resulted in one of my more obese hippie friends, Gourd, alprazolam 0.25 mg tablet myl, ripping his quadriceps on account of this being the first bit of exercise he’s done since last Mayday, Alprazolam metabolism, except for certain Nintendo Wii games that left him winded and were promptly returned to Target, it was time to tend my garden.

Lo, buy alprazolam without prescription. It’s been a long, Alprazolam 0.5 mg, tough winter for the Sarge, so it was good to rip all the dried husks of flowers and fruit plants out of my garden patch. Purchase Alprazolam, Last autumn, these flowers and vegetables were beautiful and delicious, providing loving nourishment to my soul and body. I did everything I could to make them all prosper, alprazolam 1mg l p, and most made it to my vase or table. Chlordiazepoxide hcl more addictive alprazolam, But the most beautiful flower in my garden, the one I had cared for most lovingly and had wanted to wait until it was at its very peak before harvesting so I might treat it in such a way that I could keep it for all time, always beautifying my life, alprazolam no prescription, I found dead one morning when I went out to water it, 0.25 mg alprazolam, eaten by horrible vermin and chilled by an early frost. I tried to bring it back to life with the pure springs of my tears, but it never came back to me, pictures of 2 mg alprazolam, though many times it acted as though it might, Alprazolam heroin mix, sprouting a green sprig or petal that gave me hope but soon shriveled and fell lifelessly to the ground. Over the winter months I watched from my window as my once beautiful flower crumpled into a dried brown husk: empty, lifeless and prickly to the touch, rxlist alprazolam. And today, Mayday, it felt good to tear it from the earth, but it was not without fond memories of the joy it once gave me, Purchase Alprazolam.

And now it’s time for the new planting to begin. 2 mg alprazolam, The soil at the Sarge Shack is fertile, and the sun is shining warmly upon it for the first time in months. It will be good to grow new life, alprazolam 0.5 mg tablet. It will take time for my plants to mature, Alprazolam fedex overnight no prescription, but with the right care and nourishment mature they will, and blossom into a bumper crop of delicious and fragrant blessings, and this season I’ll take care to nurture the most beautiful of my flowers with even greater love and care, buy 2mg alprazolam, so it can be with me for all time. Types of alprazolam 2mg pills, Spring has sprung, Infected Army, and you know what that does to a young man’s fancy. Let us all cultivate our gardens, and have a warm, prosperous season as we bring new life towards the harvest time.


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